Tioman Island

It has been lyrically described in the following terms:

The enduring impressions of Tioman remains that of its sparkling white beaches, swaying palm trees, teeming marine life, colourful coral gardens and placid villages. The setting for James Michener's fictitious Bali Hai in the Hollywood musical South Pacific, Tioman cuts a striking profile of two towering peaks in the South China Sea. It is covered in luxuriant green forests and fringed by crystalline turquoise waters. It is immaterial if you approach Tioman by sea or by air, its stunning beauty will unfailingly make your heart beat a little faster. The tear shape paradise is 38 kilometres long and 19 kilometres at its widest...

The truth is that we went there 3 years ago and quite liked it despite the forest fires in Indonesia which deprived us of blue sky. We thought and still think it would be the ideal place to go to on honeymoon. Let's just hope there will be plenty of rain in Indonesia, but not over Malaysia while we will be there !

Jungles cover most of the Island. There is only one road 2 km long.

It is sometimes said to be full of tourists but it is still easy to find a quiet place !

This is the place where we stayed in last time...

The End

If you want to know more about pulau Tioman follow this link.

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