Sri Lanka (March/ April 2001)


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We went on a day trip to Kandy in the Colombo- Kandy intercity express train. The scenary on the way up to Kandy is just beautiful. In Kandy we visited the Temple of the Tooth Relic, where it houses a tooth of the Lord Buddha. The tooth is stored inside seven caskets made in gold, and is taken out only for the annual pagent (perahara) in August.

Temple of tooth inside temple: casket holding the tooth of Lord Buddha ceremony inside temple of tooth artwork inside temple of tooth king's old law courts baby elephant Naga devala church tower at the back rail track scenary towards Kandy vince on train Bible rock vince on train

It is claimed that there is a footstep of the Buddha at the summit of the Adam's peak (Sri Pada) mountain. Many people climb this on pilgrimage, to pay homage to the footstep. The mountain is 2260 m (7415 ft) high and eth path we took (from Dalhousie) had over 9000 steps. We climbed over night for two reasons; climbing during the day in April can be very hot and unbearable, but the main reason was that we wanted to be at the summit for the sunrise the next morning. It is a sight worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. The sunrise was actually hidden behind a cloud on the day we were there, although we did see some of it. But a more interesting sight is actually the shadow of the mountain in its triangle shape while the sun is rising. Most people tend to forget this bit. Our group was us, Poorna (Manori's sister) and Poorna's friends Kamalanatha, Gayani, Vipuli, Rushtom and Roshan.

Sri Pada sun rise at the summit shadow of the mountain shadow bell at summit view from top sama vihara at teh foot of sri Pada, a gift by eth Japanese steps all the way Poorna and Manori tea break on the way up

The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year was on the 14th April and all of Manori's family got together in their ancestral home in Pelmadulla (about 100 km esst of Colombo). We enjoyed the holiday with the kids; playing games, bathing in the river and having lots of nice food.

bathing in the river kids playing house at Pelmadulla kids playing

Below are some pictures from Colombo as well including one from a one day cricket match between Sri Lanka and England, which Sri Lanka won- of course.

cake time Colombo sea side Buddha statue in Colombo cricket match Sri Lanka Vs England

Finally, just before we came back we had two days at the Blue Water Hotel in Wadduwa, where we had our wedding last year, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

coconut trees pool at Blue Water Blue Water catch of the day being pulled ashore catch of the day being pulled ashore catch is in- small silverfish (like anchovies) fishing boat fishing village wadduwa beach view from hotel


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Wedding Sigiriya Pinnawela Kandy Anuradhapura Polonnaruwa

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