Short trips from Philadelphia


There are many wonderful places within a day trip of where we live. We'll put some pictures and details about these places in this page. Move the mouse pointer over the pictures to get a small introduction.

Valley Forge National Park

When the revolutionary forces led by George Washington lost to the British army at the BrandyWine battle in 1777, they retreated to the Valley Forge area and camped for 6 months over the bitter winter cold to regroup. The area is now a reserved park honouring the soldiers who endured the terrible conditions. Over 2000 died and many deserted.

Sleepy the baby deer deer at Valley Forge sunset sunset


Amish Country

The Amish country is where you'll find the people of Amish, Menonite and Bretheren religous orders, collectively known as the Pennsylvania Dutch people. Their different religious beliefs make them live simple lives, many as farmers using old fashioned and traditional farming equipment. They do not like being photographed and do not like to use modern equipment, such as motor cars and electrical items. The country side is very beautiful and has lately become very touristic, but as tourists one must ensure that the privacy of the Amish people are respected.

farms amish buggy covered bridge covered bridge amish farm in winter Ephrata Cloister lancaster town centre


Longwood Gardens

The Chemical giant DuPont created this beautiful garden with a fine collection of horticulture.

Longwood gardens lake Longwood gardens Longwood gardens Longwood gardens Italian fountains Longwood gardens pump for the water fall Longwood gardens Lilly pond Longwood gardens Lilly pond Longwood gardens Lilly pond Longwood gardens Lilly pond Longwood gardens Lilly pond


New Hope

New Hope is a former colonial town, now a very touristic town, full of antique and art shops, cafes and bars. It's on the right bank of the Delaware river just North of Philaelphia. Across the river is Lambertsville, New Jersey. The Washington crossing monument and state park is just south of New Hope, this is where George Washington crossed the frozen Delaware river in a little boat on a cold Christmas eve 1776 on his way to the battle of Trenton.

New Hope canal New Hope canal New Hope canal New Hope canal duck crossing washington crossing monument washington crossing state park farm in Bucks county


Delaware Water Gap

Delaware river is the state border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Delaware water gap was formed by the river carving a gap into the long ridge of the Kittatinny mountains. The Dingman's falls and the Silver thread falls are two water falls close to the river on the PA side. On the New Jersey side, a small drive up the hills will give a beautiful view of New Jersey all the way to New York.

Delaware water gap Delaware water gap Delaware water gap at teh Dingman's falls Silver thread falls Dingman's falls Dingman's falls at teh Dingman's falls High point in New Jersey overlooking New York

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