Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia (fondly known as Philly) is qute a historical city for America. This is where the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th of July 1776 in the Independence Hall. The liberty bell, which was a gift from England, was tolled for the first time when the declaration was read out. In 1846 it was removed from the Independence Hall due to a crack and is now housed in a glass room for people to see and touch.

liberty bell independence hall 1 independence hall 2 back of independence hall

We'll put more pictures here soon. In the mean time here is a picture of the Philadelphia skyline, taken from the car. Then a picture of the Philadelphia museum of art, looking very majestic; it has a good collection of art too. Another picture of the high risers of central Philly taken from the steps of the museum. There is a small China Town in Philadelphia, with a very good selection of far-eastern restaurants.

philly skyline art museum skyline from museum china town

Pictures of the City Hall with the statue of William Penn on top. Another picture of the museum of art from the main entrance with the famous steps from the film Rocky and a stabile by Calder. Some statues from the Rodin museum.

city hall city hall art museum rodin museum rodin museum rodin museum statue

Inside the very busy Reading Terminal market, which is full of lovely stalls selling farm produce, flowers, spices etc. and also full of lovely food stalls. You can find lots of Amish farmer stalls. A picture with from South Street, the laid back area of Philadelphia where you find lots of interesting shops.

Reading market Reading market South Street with Penny

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