Korea, July 1997


Seoul was the imperial capital

Colourful market

Take your time to cross the main roads. It can be 5 minutes between two cycles, and then 1000 persons cross the street in 15 seconds ! This is probably why there are so many underpasses in Seoul. I suspect there are also usd as nuclear shelters (you have to go down about 2 storeys and then up again... to cross a street this way. It is quite tiring walking around !)

Police station


Pusan is the second largest city of Korea, after Seoul

Pusan is the largest harbour of Korea

Pomosa temple


Kyongju is a former imperial capital.

Korea is a mixture paddy fields and wooden rocky hills.

Tumuli are typical of Kyongju. They were burial groups for the kings


Chejudo is an island off the south coast of South Korea. It is a vey touristic destination, i.e. the island is full of japanese people. Unfortunately, they do not cater very well for westerners... Try to get a bus ! You would be lucky to guess were it is going unless you understand korean characters...

Cheju city.

This is according to the legend, a dragon, which was struck while flying and it fell off in the sea.

Waterfall... (I have to check the name)

Allegedly the highest waterfall into the sea in Asia. Apparently there is a higher one in Japan.

Symbol of Chejudo. Repels the bad spirits

Traditional Chejudo thatched habitation.

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