Germany February 2001


Ludwig II was the last king of Bavaria (1845- 86) and was considered 'mad'. He was obsessed with building grand fairy tale like castles. The most famous, Schloss Neuscheweinstein was never completed. Ludwig was also obsessed with Wagner's operas, he admired the French royalty and his favourite animal was the swan. These are evident in the architecture and furnishings of the castles.

Schloss Neuschweinstein Schloss Neuschweinstein inside Schloss Neuschweinstein inside Schloss Neuschweinstein view from Schloss Neuschweinstein Schloss Neuschweinstein Annette meditating

The much smaller Schloss Linderhof was built on Ludwig's hunting grounds, and he lived a reclusive life here.

Schloss Linderhof Schloss Linderhof Schloss Linderhof

Ludwig grew up in Schloss Hohenschwangau which was built by his father. Neuschweistein is built very close to this acstle but at a higher elevation. The picture below shows the view from Neuschweinstein of schloss Hohenschwangau.

Mountains behind Schloss Hohenschwangau Schloss Hohenschwangau

Oberammergau is a small viallge in the Bavarian Alps, and is famous for two things; the Passion Play which is performed every 10 years since 1633 by the village folk and the painted buildings which usually tell a story of some sort. The Wieskirche church is supposed to have miraclous powers, and the inside is very ornated.

Painted houses at Oberammergau Painted houses at Oberammergau Wieskirche inside Wieskirche

Some pictures of our little walk with friends of Armin and Annette who actually live in this area. And a picture from the small village near Fussen where we stayed.

with A+A's friends setting up cameras small village

Some pictures of the beautiful Alps mountains and a little detour to Austria on our way.

Alps mountains near a reservoir Alps mountains near a frozen lake Vince taking photos detour to Austria

Some pictures from our various visists to Nuremberg.

Old hospital in Nuremberg SchoneBrunen castle at the back at the castle market at night fountain on bike at Hitler's stadium

Some pictures from other beautoful old cities we have been to in Bavaria; Rotenberg, Bamberg and Wurzberg.

Rotenberg Bamberg Bamberg Wurzburg small old town


There're loads more to add, one day.....



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