Cape May (September 2000, May 2001)


In the summer Cape May is very busy, but after labour day (first monday in September, which co-incided with V's birthday this year) it becomes practically a ghost town. No matter how much sunshine and good weather you have, you don't go to the beach after that (unless you're French or Sri Lankan of course). These pictures are from a few weekends ago, okay it was a bit windy but practically no clouds in the sky and not a soul on the beach- excpet for a lonely fisherman who didn't catch any fish, but enjoyed the solitude.

Cloud of birds more birds single bird Fishing

The houses in Cape May have a distinctive style (I think they call them ginger bread houses).

Beach Beach

Here are some more pictures from May, when Sally and Naomi visited. It was much warmer than the last time we were there, still not so crowded since the summer season still hadn't started. The water was freezing cold though.

Sally and Naomi Sally and Manori

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