Thanksgiving in Boston (November 2000)


America celebrates thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November. This is usually a four day weekend and people travel across the states to be with their families at this time, making this the most chaotic time for travel. The story behind thanksgiving is that when the first pilgrims from Europe (mainly England) arrived in America hoping for a new beginning, they had a very bad time settling in, and half the pilgrims died the first winter and their crops failed. They didn't have anything to eat, and the native Indians gave them some food to survive. So the next year when the pilgrims had managed to grow some crops, they invited the Indians to share it with them to say thank you to their kindness- and this is how thanksgiving started. 

We went to Boston for thanksgiving and had a really good time there. Kumi and Elliot were travelling there too, and invited us along, and we drove from Philadelphia- nearly a 7 hour drive. Our old friend Max, who did his PhD with us in Liverpool, now lives there with his wife, Ingrid. They very kindly invited us to share their thanksgiving with them and Ingrid's parents, Singy and Syd. Here are some pictures from Max's place.

ax and Ingrid Max and Syd Thanksgiving at Max's Kumi and Elliot Thanksgiving at Max's Thanksgiving at Max's  

All this hard work to get the cameras into position to take a group picture! And 'beam me up Scottie'- wonders of the modern world, what happened to the old fashioned address book?

camera positioning beaming

Boston is a good place to go for thanksgiving. The first pilgrims onboard the ship Mayflower, arrived in the shores of Plymouth in 1620, just south of Boston. And the subsequent ships from England also arrived in this area, which is quite evident when you see the names of the towns in this area. That is how 'New England' got its name. The 'Plimoth Plantation' is a recreation of a typical settlers village, which is very interesting and educational. It shows Plymouth as it was in the 17th century, the actors really live in the characters and tell you stories from their time, how they build houses, farm, cook, cope with the Indians etc. All in the old English accent- ask them a question about nowadays America, and you'll get a blank face. 

Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation goats indian woman  indian woman2 indian man 

After the Plimoth plantation we drove down to the Cape Cod peninsular, which is very touristy and busy in the summer, but rather empty out of season. It's full of beautiful beach towns and fishing villages. 

cape cod marina1 cape cod marina2 cape cod tree at dusk chatham lighthouse1 chatham lighthouse2 chatham lighthouse3 chatham

We also met with some other friends in Boston and had a lovely Sri Lankan meal. Vipuli (Manori's sister Poorna's friend) was visiting her brother Hemantha who lives in Boston and they invited us to their place. We had some strange conversations there; the prize goes to the sexuality of aubergines (egg plants)! Did you know there are male and female egg plants? In the picture below are (from left to right): Brigit, Hemantha, Vipuli and Rangi. And what fun you could have with a malfunctioning dictaphone!!!

Hemanth's place  

On Saturday we went on the freedom trail, which is a 2 1/2 mile walk along famous buildings and monuments associated with the fight for independence. Boston was the centre of resistance to British rule during the revolutionary war in the latter half of the 18th century. A number of prominent Bostonians were among the founders of the American republic. The trail takes you to 16 of the important historical sites. It was a bitterly cold day, still we made it, and here are some pictures of the sites we visited. 

state house- flag room state house Granary graveyard samuel adams grave- founding father Granary graveyard- typical grave stone Old state house paul revere's house- famous silversmith and freedom fighter onboard the USS constitution USS constitution1- oldest commissioned ship USS constitution2 bunker hill monument on left of Charles river    state house ceiling The ceiling in the Massachusetts state house. 

Some other pictures from Boston are below; more squirrels, frozen Charles river, skyline, typical houses in Boston and the restaurant we went to in the Italian quarter.

squirrel with nut squirrel begging frozen river skyline boston street restaurant

Some pictures we took on our way to Boston of New York city skyline from far and a scenic bay in Connecticut.

new york skyline scenic bay

As usual there are more pictures from our other camera, but these are still to be developed. They will be here soon. 


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