Expedition Alaska 2012

Plane #1 Plane #2 Plane #3 ConocoPhilllips building in Anchorage Anchorage Town Hall A moose Seward Seward Seward Fishing hooligans Alaska railway Kite boarding Anchorage Anchorage Anchorage, 11:30 pm Anchorage Anchorage Anchorage No Ulu knife in carry on ConocoPhillips check-in counter Kuparuk flight on time.  a pity it did not actually land there but in Deadhorse instead... Plane #4 to Kuparuk Just kidding.  This is Plane #4 Tundra Arriving at Deadhorse Deadhorse airport Deadhorse airport A drill pad at Prudhoe bay Ice melting KOC KOC camp Pool vehicles Caribous 3R drill pad 3R drill pad Frozen arctic ocean at K-STP Oliktok point Frozen arctic ocean at K-STP Oliktok point K-STP Oliktok point.  ENI new facility.  Note the huge drilling rig (in blue) K-STP Oliktok point.  Sea water pumping and treatment station K-STP Oliktok point.  Sea water pumping and treatment station.  Note the cage in case polar bears are arround. Air Force radar tracking station. Grizzly bears Red Fox KOC fitness room Decent selection of teas KCC Gym KCC KCC.  Our room is at the end A camp building at KOC CPF1 CPF1 Shuttle bus to the plane (accross the road at Kuparuk or an hour away at Deadhorse) KOC main entrance Plane landing at the Kuparuk runway (note the dust behind) Plane #5 arriving. Note the 3 busses waiting to go pick up the passengers. Kuparuk "airport", which is just accross the road from KOC.  The plane just arrived and the 3 busses are waititng to go pick up the passengers. KOC and CPF1 Kuparuk A drill pad Kuparuk in the center (dust from the plane's take off is visible) Frozen tundra Denali Plane #5 in Anchorage Plane #6 which made an unexpected stop in Billings MT<br />due to a medical emergency. In Montana they don't know<br />how to fuel a 757 so after refuelling, they had to drain and <br />refuel the plane again, this time using the correct tanks! Plane #7