Alex & Amelie

Sleepover on the USS New Jersey Basketball Basketball Waiting for New Year's Firework Media Haloween parade Finding a Geocache Sleepover at the Blue Rock basbeall team stadium Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls This is in Canada Seaworld Seaworld Seaworld Seaworld St Augustine, FL (windy) Who is happy to be in Florida? Roasting Marshmallows Camping Amelie's first time on roller blades New Kayak A sailor to the rescue of Amelie's "favorite hat in the whole world" Blue Water Pelmadulla Kirinda Alex's school pool End of 2009 Learning to ski Santa ate all the cookies and drunk the milk! Xmas eve Snowman Holiday program at Alex's school Halloween parade at Alex's school Alex's birthday Alex with his new glasses Alex loves the bumper cars Swimming all by myself Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Botanical garden On a pedalo in Montreal In the park with our borrowed dog In the park with our borrowed dog In the park with our borrowed dog 4th July sparklers 4th July sparklers 4th July sparklers 4th July sparklers 4th July sparklers Self portrait by Alex The Turmel family temporarily relocates to France... Our first snowman! Playing in the backyard. Alex on Skis for the first time. Oh! Santa drank all the milk and ate the cookies Ameli's worst fear Alex learning cricket Alex, Amelie and their 10 cousins Are dummies (pacifiers) allowed during cricket matches? Nikila tryting to teach Alex how to cycle.<br />Note: this is Manori's first bike... Alex and Amelie sharing a lime juice. Elephants on the horizon. Alex playing Hide and laugh<br />(it makes seeking easy) A few hours in London Heathrow 1st Flight "A large family with lots of luggage"<br />according to KLM staff in London Not in Sri Lanka! Xmas eve in Kelly Ln First Birthday Birthday cup-cake Beach in Delaware Belt biting experience Alex training for his future carrer.  The way the 76ers are playing he will need to relocate soon! Alex traveling coach but still finding a bed Alex's 3rd Birthday Already working on her tan? Amelie Coming Home 1st Meal (Bottle is because of low blood sugar) Alex and his best friends: Ducky and the blanket Multi-tasking Potty Et voila! Joy of walking Cycling Do you have any spare food? Delaware river 1st haircut Me, a clown? Luxury travel again. 1st class travel Alex stopping to ask for directions Wonderful tricycle!  Despite Alex's legs not being longer... This year: Alex is bigger than the turkey! Stealing candy for Haloween Trying a life jacket Alex is not scared on the big wheel This is where he travels when misbehaving! 1st Snow Last year: Alex is smaller than the turkey! AZ bib Play time Hurricane Alex, August 4th 2004<br /><br />Copyright NASA ! Coming home Hurricane Alex August 4th 2004<br /><br />Actual copyright NASA